Friday, December 12, 2014

Spiral Rose Heart - Free Crochet Pattern (with video)

Simple, quick and easy to make, this 3D swirly heart spirals out from the center like a rose. Makes a pretty applique for hats, bags, pillows, baby items, and more. Or a cute Valentine's gift! Only simple stitches are used (sc, hdc, sl st). Written instructions are posted below, as well as a video.

Materials: Yarn: worsted weight (small amount). Hook: G (or size of choice)
Definitions: FLO=Front Loops Only; BLO=Back Loops Only
1) Ch 2.
2) Make 6 sc in 2nd ch frm hk. (don't join - work in the round)
3) Sc FLO into ea st around (6 sc total)
4) Working into the same sts again, make 2 sc BLO in ea st around (12 sc total)
5) Working into the horizontal thread behind the sts made in step 4, make: Sc, hdc, sc in next (this is the bottom point of the heart); 2 sc in next; sc 1 + hdc 1 in next; hdc 1 + sc 1 in next. Ch 1, sl st into the horizontal thread behind the next st on the row below (on back near center of heart). (22 sts total from center of spiral to end, incl ch 1).
6) Ch 1, turn. Sc around to the bottom point of heart. Ch 1 at bottom point. Continue to sc around to the top of heart. Continue to sc around the spiral. Sl st into the last 2 sc in the center of the spiral.
7) End off (leave long tail for sewing). Pull the tail through the center of the heart to the back. Use it to sew the heart to something.

Feel free to make and use these hearts for anything you like. I always appreciate a link back to my site,
Enjoy! <3

Cool effect when adding another row of SC (from the center) with a smaller hk:
spiral rose heart with an extra row of sc
Heart: I hk. Extra row sc: G hk.


sylvie damey said...

This looks very cool, will try it soon : Thanks for sharing (and glad to see you back on the crochet scene, does that mean your wrists are feeling better ?)

Mary Ann said...

These were so easy to make (and I need to make 60 of them)! Thank you for this great pattern.

cm4bleenmb said...

Thank you so much. Your pattern is so much simpler and easier to understand than the last one I tried.

Lory Girl said...

This is so cute! I wasn't sure if I was following the pattern correctly because I could see neither a rose or a heart but it finally became both almost as if by magic towards the end. So, if you think you might not be doing it correctly - keep going! It turns out exactly as shown and suddenly you realize how easy it is and your rose/heart is complete. To the author; thank you so much for sharing your adorable little pattern with all of us! I look forward to using this on numerous projects. <3

Dizzy said...

Did you use 4 or 4 worsted yarn?

Julyss S said...


Unknown said...

This is such an excellent video - well done!

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