Monday, November 24, 2014

Simple. Tiny. Crocheted HEART. Free pattern with video

How to make a small simple crocheted HEART. They work up so quick and easy, it's hard not to make a million of them! They make a lovely little embellishment for all kinds of projects. Only simple stitches are used.

Hook Candy dot com

Written instructions:
Ch 3. In the 3rd ch frm hook, work all of the following: 3 Dc, 3 Hdc, 1 Dc, 3 Hdc, 3 Dc, ch 2, sl st. End off, weave in ends (or keep them for sewing or tying the heart onto something)

For a larger heart, replace the Dc's and Hdc's with Tr's and Dc's:
Ch 3. In 3rd ch frm hk, work the following: 3 Tr, 3 Dc, 1 Tr, 3 Dc, 3 Tr, ch 2, sl st. End off.

Video instructions:

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