Monday, December 3, 2012

new crochet pattern: Men's and Women's Loafers

crochet pattern loafer slippers
Men’s and Women’s loafers!
Double thick sole for extra cushiness, and crocheted with 2 strands of yarn to make them thick and durable.

SIZING: (american shoe sizes)
XS: women’s 5.5-6.5 (9.25” x 3.5”) / men’s 10 (10.75” x 4”)
S: women’s 7-8 (9.5” x 3.5”) / men’s 11 (11” x 4”)
M: women’s 8.5-9.5 (10” x 3.75”) / men’s 12-13 (11.5” x 4.25”)
L: women’s 10-11 (10.5” x 4”) / men’s 14 (12” x 4.5”)


Julie Coleman said...

hi~~thanks 4 getting back to me on and sending me here, i like the looks of this slipper since im wanting to make a guy some slippers and this pattern is more MAN~LY haha,the reason i love ur slippers soooo much is because of the soles,there so thick,ive worn mine for 6 yrs and there just now worn out,thats a long time for handmade slippers, i will be ordering this pattern soon,thanks for creating such GOOD stuff. from:julie

Whoopieda said...

Have you a german translation for this shoes?

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